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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L645vQ1iUhg How to Change Your Lock Combination

Closet Vault-In Wall Rifle and Handgun Safe



The Closet Vault fits between the wall studs (16” on center 2x4's). The Closet Vault provides a unique and space conscious way to secure and store firearms and/or valuables such as laptops, jewelry, and other items with the convenience of quick access. The door and frame protrude less than 2 inches from the wall, allowing it to be concealed behind a door or in a closet.

The Closet Vault has a variety of options that can be added to the safe, including a peg board door panel, pistol rack, a full shelf and a half shelf.  The Closet Vault has a high security user-friendly SIMPLEX mechanical lock capable of setting one of 1,081 different combinations. Since this lock is mechanical, there are no batteries to replace. Two tubular key locks have been added to the top and bottom for additional security when quick access is not required.



Model No. 51653-SA IVY
Outer Dim: 50” x 13½” x 5¾”
Inner Dim: 49¾” x 13” x 4¾”
Overall outer Dim (including frame): 53” x 16¾” x 5¾”
Material: 16ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 65 lbs.

MSRP $586

  Made in the USA



  • Made sturdy of 16ga. steel.
  • Lock bolts directly through the inner frame of case to prevent prying.
  • V-Line’s Closet Vault is designed to install in between the wall studs.
  • The door and frame protrude 2” to provide extra internal depth.
  • The push button lock is mechanical and features a programmable combination.
  • Two tubular key locks have been added to the top and bottom for additional security when quick access is not required.
  • Shelving accessories are available to customize the Closet Vault to best meet individual needs.
  • The Closet Vault ships with an adjustable foam barrel support and foam lined bottom.

The State of California requires the following disclaimer for sales within the state.

V-Line’s Shotgun & Rifle Case model is legal to use and purchase inside Calif. However it is not classified as a “safe” as defined by CA DOJ and is not a registered “Firearm Safety Device”, therefore it cannot be used for the purchase of a new firearm in the state of California
WARNING: This gun safe does not meet the safety standards for gun safes specified in California Penal Code Section 12088.2.  It does not satisfy the requirements of Penal Code Section 12088.1, which mandates that all firearms sold in California be accompanied by a firearms safety device or proof of ownership, as required by law, of a gun safe that meets the Section 12088.2 minimum safety standards developed by the California Attorney General.
ADVERTENCIA: Esta caja fuerte para pistolas no cumple con las normas de seguridad para las cajas fuertes para pistolas especificadas en la Sección 12088.2 del Código Penal de California.  No satisface los requisitos de la Sección 12088.1 del Código Penal, que requiere que todas las armas de fuego que se vendan en California estén acompañadas por un dispositivo de seguridad de armas de fuego o prueba de propiedad, como lo requiere la ley, de una caja fuerte para pistolas que cumpla con las normas de seguridad minimas elaboradas por el Procurador General de California, especificadas en la Sección 12088.2.

Pegboard Door Panel (Closet Vault II)
Steel panel with standard pegboard pattern ideal for storing small items on door and is required to accommodate the Pistol Rack.
Pistol Rack for Closet Vault II
Rubber coated hanger for Pegboard door panel.
Gun Caddy for Closet Vault II
Mounts to either inner side wall of Closet Vault.
Half Shelf Closet Vault II
Steel shelf fits to left side wall of Closet Vault.
Full Shelf Closet Vault II
Adjustabel steel ajustable shelf designed for the Closet Vault. Ships with mounting clips.


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