Closet Vault II-In Wall Firearms and Valuables Quick Access Safe

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“V-Line’s” new Closet Vault II has been refitted with a superior SIMPLEX 3 point locking system. The in-the-wall safe that fits between the wall studs (16” on center 2×4). The Closet Vault II provides a unique and space conscious way to secure firearms and valuables such as laptops, jewelry, and other items with the convenience of quick access. The door and frame protrude less than 2 inches from the wall, allowing it to be concealed behind a door or in a closet. The Closet Vault II comes standard with the adjustable black foam barrel guard. The Closet Vault II has a variety of options that can be added to the safe, including a Peg Board door panel, Pistol Rack hangers, Gun Caddy, a Full Shelf and a Half Shelf. The Closet Vault II has a high security user-friendly mechanical lock capable of setting one of 1,081 different combinations. Since this lock is mechanical, there are no batteries to replace. The new steel locking rods protrude into the top and bottom of the frame add additional security.

  MADE in the USA

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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20 reviews for Closet Vault II-In Wall Firearms and Valuables Quick Access Safe

  1. A.S.

    The Closet Vault II is my second safe purchase from V-Line (we also have the Brute – also excellent!). After a lot of research, I’m thrilled with this safe. High quality, easy install, and a lot of configuration options inside for a mix of firearms and valuables. The Simplex lock is by far my preferred option – quick and easy to open, no batteries or fingerprint sensors to fail, and such a range of combination options. Highly recommended!

  2. Andrei Racila

    No batteries, no keys! No failures! Made in USA! This is was my dream. I own Closet Vault II and V-Line Brute. Both amazing products and serve their purpose exactly as intended. Love it!

  3. William W

    This is my first purchase of a V-Line product, at the recommendation of my brother-in-law. This safe seems extremely durable and fits perfectly behind my closet door. I highly recommend it to anyone.

  4. Terry Wright

    This is my 6th V-Line wall vault. I owned 3 in my previous house and I own 3 in my new home. Installation was simple, did it myself in little over an hour. The Closet Vault II-In Wall safe is great for storing a combination of long guns, pistols, and valuables. I like the sturdy design and the interior flexibility that the wall safe size and various accessories provide. The instructions are accurate, simple, and easy to follow. I will be installing a V-Line safe for my daughter in her new home in the next several weeks. Very pleased with this purchase.

  5. Guy D

    The installation was fast and easy. The closet vault II is perfect for me as I have limited space. Thanks!

  6. Todd Loveday

    I own a large floor safe, but needed a secure location for a few long guns and valuables in the master bedroom. After installing, I realized that the Closet Vault was the perfect choice. The unique design allows for more storage room than similar products and it looks great! Installation instructions were accurate and easy to follow. I highly recommend this product.

  7. T.M.

    Relieved new owner of Closet Vault II. With various aged children in the house securing newly acquired long guns was a must. Not to mention having personally experienced theft of fireams in the past. Its unsettling enough to have ones home violated by burglary but even more so to feel that not having afixed a security safe allowed it and its contents to be stolen, effectively arming criminals.
    I’m especially relieved by the reliability and simplicity afforded by the non-electronic combo lock. No worries of battery failure, failure to scan biometric system or where’d I hide that back up key during a critical time of need. The V-Line Closet Vault II checks all the boxes in what I wanted in a safe and for a competitive price considering the storage space it affords.
    My one suggestion would be further details regarding pin programing. It is noted in the instructions that duplicate numerals cannot be used, but to further expand on this concept combined/simultaneous keystrokes also disqualify each of the combined digits from further use in the PIN sequence. For example 1, 2, 3, 4 would work, but 12, 13, 14 would not. 12 meaning a simultaneous depression of the 1 and 2 keys, actually eliminates either of those to keys from repeating in the combination sequence.
    A big thank you to customer support for setting me straight after having accidentally programed and unknown combo as a direct result of my misunderstanding in this regard.

  8. Holly Hansen

    This is my first V-Line wall gun safe. I absolutely love how heavy duty the product is made with great quality. I have plenty of room for several firearms, jewelry, and money. The combination lock is a added plus. I will definitely purchase another one of these safes in the near future. Thanks V-Line!!!

  9. Anthony Nappi

    This is my first V-Line product. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and workmanship that went into it, including the the packaging. It arrived in perfect condition and installed easily. I highly recommend this product.

  10. John Reida

    I just received my closet vault II. I had read some reviews that talked about it being very good, but that it arrived with a back or a corner damaged. I was worried until mine came. It had a few marks where FedEx had battered it. However, the packaging is so good that nothing got through. The unit arrived in perfect condition. It is installed now and it works absolutely perfectly. Now I need to outfit it with some of the available options and of course, a tactical automatic shotgun. I also have 3 of your quick vaults and am looking now to buy a quick vault XL

  11. Loran Heinen

    Great safe, just got done installing it. Installation was easy. I like the push button locking system. My old safe needed batteries and they where always going dead. I am using it to store my two shotguns and one rifle. I even added the peg board for the door two store my two handguns. All of them fit nicely in the safe.

  12. Peter S.

    Excellent product. Would highly recommend. I am a police office and I find this product very user friendly. It was easy to install. The customer service department was great.

  13. Jeremiah Broderick

    Easy to install. Same quality I’ve come to expect from V-line. Has plenty of room for everything you could need while maintaining a very low exterior profile. Only issue I had was a small dent on the bottom of the exterior surround from shipping. Doesnt affect usability at all and where I installed it it is hardly noticable so no big deal at all. Would recommend!

  14. Kathleen Smith

    We have safes in our garage. It seem very silly not to have a safe in the house where we have access ready access to a firearm so I got my husband a V-Line ll for Christmas. He was extremely happy with the placement and the fit. And my handyman said it was a breeze putting it in. I had my reservations about getting something that big delivered to me. It was well packaged and there was no issues it’s a beautiful unit thank you very much. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  15. gino jacobazzi

    I just received my V-Line gun safe yesterday. It arrived quicker then I thought, although I did find that it had a small dent on one of the corners it was minor, and not worth dealing with. I am in the process of a construction project, I was able to place the cabinet in between the studs that will eventually hold the cabinet, I am happy to say it fits and look great. the locking mechanism seems to work well too. the cover that houses the lock is suppose to be secured by 4 small pieces of Velcro, now that is not gonna work well. the pieces of Velcro are way too small. not a big deal I will add more or figure out a better way to secure it. all in all I recommend this product. I have all ready purchased additional accessories. I must say so far I am very happy.

  16. Wesley C.

    This is my first V-Line gun safe and I’m very pleased with the Closet Vault quality, construction, and ease of installation. I prefer to only use the mechanical push button locks as they are secure and trustworthy – you don’t need batteries or house power to lock and unlock your firearms. I would most certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality safe that will allow you to access your firearms quickly if need be.

  17. Seth M.

    Purchased this case to store one 223 and one 308 MSRs, two pistols, and a couple other small items. The case seems well built. Shrouding the two vertical pins and the piano hinge would be good improvements for the next model. My cabinet arrived with one small dent in the back (apparent shipment damage) but isn’t noticeable from the inside (upgrading the carton might be warranted by Vline to prevent similar damage in the future). Damage not worth the trouble following up with Vline or shipper.

  18. Christopher D

    First time purchasing a v-line product. Item arrived quickly and was a simple install. Product is made well and I love the simplicity of the lock. Simple but secure. Also like how there are no numbers on lock! Will def buy more products.

  19. Jeffrey Costa

    This is my first purchase with V-Line and love the wall safe. It fit perfectly in our new construction home and is very easy to use. I will be searching for some accessories shortly after an easy installation yesterday. The combination is very easy to program and easy to use. The packaging upon receipt was in great shape as I was concerned about it being scratched or dented. All is good. Thank you.

  20. Marty Enerson

    This is my second V-line case. My first one was single case but as always, we buy more guns and I needed a bigger one. This one is heavy duty and with the combination lock, I don’t have to worry about keys to lock it up. I ordered mine without accessories, but I am going to get a couple shelves now. I have an AR15, 40 cal pistol and tactical shotgun in it right now.
    This is a two person job to put this thing up. It weighs close to 80 lbs and it is super sturdy. Good purchase.

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Product Features

  • The door is made sturdy of 14ga. steel and it Powder Coated in an Ivory color.
  • The Closet Vault II features a unique three point locking system with steel deadbolts protruding directly into the Vaults frame.
  • V-Line’s Closet Vault II is designed to install in between the wall studs.
  • The door and frame protrude 2” to provide extra internal depth.
  • The SIMPLEX push button lock is mechanical and features a programmable combination.
  • Shelving and pistol hanger accessories are available to customize the Closet Vault II to best meet individual needs.
  • The Closet Vault II ships with an adjustable foam barrel support and foam lined bottom.

Product Details

Model No. 51653-S IVY
Outer Dim: 50” x 14½” x ½”
Inner Dim: 49¾” x 13½”  x 4¾”
Overall outer Dim (including frame): 53” x 16¾” x 5¾”
Material: 14ga. and 16ga. steel – Ivory Powder Coat
Ship Wt. 65 lbs.

Downloadable Support Files

CVII Lock Instructions

CVII Installation Instructions

Cortec Instructions

Lock Instructions

Closet Vault II