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All V-Line Cases and Cabinets will be shipping with a two year supply of Cortec corrosion inhibitor!

This is the baby brother of our popular Top Draw handgun safe. It features the SIMPLEX five push button mechanical easily programmable lock that requires no batteries. The Compact pistol safe is ideal for transporting a single firearm or valuables. The Compact pistol safe is nicely finished in a textured semi-gloss black powder coating, accented with a silver V-Line logo and brushed stainless lock faceplate. The foam interior helps protects your gun and/or valuables while in transit. The Compact pistol safe also features an elongated hole in the back right hand corner of the case to accommodate a cable lock or padlock for securing your case in your car or home.

  MADE in the USA

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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23 reviews for Compact-Pistol Safe

  1. Scott

    This is my second V-Line Safe. My first was the Brute. Same great construction as the Brute except smaller for installation in a truck console. Simplex lock is idiot proof. Fits one gun as big as a 1911 or Ruger GP100 with a 4.25 ” barrel. My only suggestion is that security cable be included with the safe. Looking forward to buy a third V-line safe.

  2. Anthony D Myers

    Very solid.

  3. Bill Bridwell

    I like that this product is made in the USA nice heavy duty build and I like the battery-“less mechanical lock system. I would recommend this however a lot of the lock body protrudes down into the bulk of the depth of the safe and it’s raw metal therefore able to scratch your belongings. It would be much better if they put some sort of rubberized coating or cover on the lock body . This detail would make this product go from an 8 to a 10 and I would be willing to pay more for this level of finish.
    Bill Bridwell

  4. Spencer

    A few months ago, I had a scary experience where I attempted to retrieve my handgun from my battery-operated safe and found that it would not open after I inputted the code. Fortunately, I was just going to get it for a trip to the range. I resorted to retrieving the key and opening it via the backup option. Come to find out, the battery had leaked and rendered the battery method inoperable. I realized immediately that all of the battery operated safes that I have invested in over the years can so easily become inoperable without notice. Now I am switching all of them over to the mechanical locks. They are just as fast and I have much more piece of mind that they won’t fail on me if I need to retrieve my gun in a hurry. This V-Line product is great. small and compact, easily transportable and easy to use. Thank you for a great product.

  5. Jeff Murdock

    I was looking to make my S&W 642 tamper-proof from the grandchildren, and was leaning towards a biometric safe until I read negative reviews about battery life. So, I decided on a mechanical lock design (no batteries) and hence the V-Line. It’s solid, compact (fits easily in the drawer of my nightstand) and is made in the USA. Secure, yet quickly available should the need arise. Highly recomended.

  6. Dan Nichols

    This is my most-trusted single handgun case. I sleep with this one at night because it can be opened quietly without turning the lights on. It is also possible to use a strong tether to prevent the box from being removed from the approved area.

  7. Lucky User

    This is my most-trusted single handgun case. I sleep with this one at night because it can be opened quietly without turning the lights on. It is also possible to use a strong tether to prevent the box from being removed from the approved area.

  8. A. Fausto

    This safe was recommended by my father in law quite some time ago. He uses the TOP DRAW for his SIG and has used this line of products for a LONG time. By the looks of it, so will i. He just got me “the compact” for christmas and ill tell you, after using this safe i will never use battery operated safes again! V-Line has set the bar for practical, secure and FAST pistol storage/access. Fits my G19 or Super 38 like a glove. Very satisfied with this product,

  9. Jason Caron

    My wife and I each had sentry safe. The batteries were always dying . We bought two compact vlines and love them. Great quality product . Well designed . Reasonable price . Nice work, guys

  10. Matt Gould

    This is my 4th V-Line box. All of them work flawlessly every time. Very easy to change the lock combination.

  11. Jimmy

    Excellent safe. Easy to use and large enough for what I will use it with. We

  12. James

    Excellent safe. Compact but very well crafted. My wife feels comfortable and can easily access the safe.

  13. Jerrod Steinbacher

    I like the mechanical lock a lot better than an electronic one that requires batteries. Seems well made over all. The lid is slightly awkward to open and there is no hydraulic lift assist but it isnt bad. I would buy another one.

  14. Old School Wheelgunner

    We own two of these: they are superb for simplicity and sturdy. At this price, I cannot complain. We got rid of our battery-powered, touchpad safe. Thanks for making such a great product.

  15. Matt McIntyre

    Great little safe. Versatility for anchoring anywhere. Easy to set combination.

  16. Josh Miller

    A friend told me about this and I’m glad that he did. I’ve been wanting something that is secure from my children and yet easy access if need be. I feel more confident in the mechanical keys than the electric keypads I’ve seen in other safes.

  17. David ODonnell

    Great Safe. I have bought 2 of these to store guns in my cars while I valet. Very happy.

  18. lratner18

    Solid box. Easy and reliable lock. Just wish the lock port didn’t take up so much room inside.

  19. lratner18

    Really good safe. I like the lock. Only issue is how deep the lock port rests in the safe.

  20. Parker Lucey

    I enjoy my new V-Line compact pistol safe. At first I was confused on how to clear out the factory combination and set my own. But after following along on the YouTube video I was able to figure it out. Thanks V-Line!

  21. David J lapman

    Great solid rugged design! Works perfectly in my vehicle strongly recommend the compact for safe storage of your firearm. I will be purchasing products from v-line in the near future Great American made products!

  22. John

    Solid well made gun box. entering the combination is easy and fast. excellent made in USA product. Liked it so much I bought 2!

  23. Teresa

    I like this compact safe to keep my gun secure. The lock is easy to open and I don’t have to keep track of a key or worry about replacing batteries. The safe is heavy duty and made in America! Shipping was super fast too!

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Product Features

  • Genuine SIMPLEX five button mechanical lock for quick access with 1081 possible combinations.
  • Top opening pistol safe with classic slim design.
  • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover guides and adds strength to the lock bolt.
  • Elongated holes (5/16 W x 1/2 in H )  in the back allows a cable or pad lock to be used to secure the case to secure objects in your vehicle or home.
  • Foam lining on top and bottom.
  • Sturdy fabricated steel construction with pry resistant clamshell design.
  • Finished in a tough textured semi-gloss black powder coating.
  • Continuous hinge is welded on one end to prevent pin removal.
  • Accented with silver V-Line logo.

Product Details

Model No. 279-S BLK
Outer Dim: 9½” x 7¼” x 2”
Inner Dim: 8½” x 6½” x 1½”
Material: 18ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 5 lbs.

Elongated holes in back of case are:  5/16″ W  x  1/2 ” H

Downloadable Support Files

Lock Instructions

Cortec Instructions


How to Change Your Combination